Understanding the J-1 Visa

Welcome To ACAWE

ACAWE is a United States based company owned and operated by a leadership team of experienced J1 professionals with a long history in the Camping and Resort Industry. ACAWE has been in the business of International Staffing for ten years while its staff have been involved in the industry for over 100 combined years. Our clients encompass both residential and day camps ranging from traditional and specialty including sports, arts, scouting, special needs, YMCA, and religious camps. We believe our participants are among the most skilled and caring. As a sponsor we are most careful to provide the best working conditions possible with employers that are welcoming, safe and offer a wide range of opportunities. Our Employers as well have a commitment to ensure that the participants have a safe and rewarding experience. ACAWE strives to provide the best customer service possible to our participants and employers. We ensure that we are always available to meet your needs.

More About ACAWE

fourACAWE is committed to educating the International Community about the United States, through interaction with a diverse group of Americans in a working and service environment. Through first hand experiences in seeing the full spectrum of American Life we seek to enhance both understanding and appreciation of America’s ideals and lifestyle. At the same time through Informal Educational Programs we seek to bring to our American community an appreciation and understanding of a diverse international community. Our mission is to create relationships that know no boundaries and are committed to mutual admiration and respect.
fourOur Guarantee: ACAWE pledges to all of its clients that we will treat you with a sense of integrity and respect. We will guarantee that all venues selected for placement have been carefully inspected for the quality of the facility, housing, health and safety for its employees and general working conditions. We guarantee that the terms of employment will be in accordance with both State and Federal regulations and in accordance to the regulations set down for Sponsors by the United States State Department. We guarantee to all our employers that we will carefully select all candidates for placement and work closely with you to make sure that your needs are fully met in a timely manner. We guarantee that our fees to employers will be among the fairest and lowest charged and we guarantee to our participants that their compensation will be among the highest in the industry. Most importantly we guarantee that we will be fully involved in all activities from the beginning of the process to the end date of employment and beyond. We will not compromise the health and safety of any of our participants or employers. We are here 24/7 to respond to your needs and to provide the best customer service in the Industry.
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