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Be a Camp Counselor for the summer

What is a Camp Counselor? Well you are many different things…

  • A big brother or sister as well as a teacher and even Mom and Dad.
  • Being a positive role model to all the campers not just yours!
  • Helping the campers take safe risks to help them grow up to be great adults.

For the campers getting back to camp is what gets them through the school year. Knowing camp is coming soon is what gets them through all the homework and tests as well as everything else that school throws at them.

Being a camp counselor will be a life changing event. It will be hard work, but it will also be the most fun you have had in a while! In the end you will learn a lot about yourself and your family and friends will not recognize you when you get home.

• Assistance completing the ACAWE application process
• Your DS 2019
• Health Insurance
• 24/7 support while in the USA
• Assistance with preparation for your visa appointment
• Please contact your local ACAWE recruiter
• If you are not using an ACAWE recruiter please contact us directly at [email protected]
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