Looking to hire international staff?

Look no further! ACAWE has many highly qualified counselors and support staff from many different countries such as Israel, China, Jamaica, Mexico and the UK to mention a few. The applicants are waiting to talk with you either by Skype or at one of our job fairs held overseas. The process is easy and with Gail Leopold and Gary Bauer you have two of the most experienced well respected placement people in the industry working for you.

The Recruitment Process

The process to be able to look for potential staff is very easy. Once you are signed up you can look for applicants in two different manners. One is look on your own, in our searchable database and the other way is to contact Gail or Gary and they will find you the applicants you need!


Our Fees

We are one of the lowest priced staffing solutions out there. Our fee to you is very low, starting at $375 for returnees and $925.00 for first year applicants. We keep our fees low so that the person doing the work is getting paid for what they are doing for you and your camp.


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