Hiring Summer Camp & Camp Support Staff FAQ’s

Yes, American Camp and Work Experience, a Division of Core Consulting Solutions llc is a designated Sponsor of two Exchange Visitor Programs of the U.S. State Department; the Camp Counselor and Summer Work Travel programs.
Cost varies with the position, age and experience of the candidate and their certifications. Our prices are competitive and in most instances are less than other agencies. For more specific information please contact us.
We strongly encourage you to contact the applicant by phone or skype to be certain they are right for your camp. We can also help arrange for you to meet them in person if you will be in their home country.
All of our applicants pass a detailed screening and interview process as well as undergoing a background check. They are also interviewed by an expert in the area which they choose to work. After they are accepted into our program, they attend an orientation so that we can better prepare them as to what it means to work in an American summer camp.
The contracted work period is nine weeks for residential camps and ten weeks for days camps as long as the staff person only works five days a week. Staff members may work pre and post camp as long as the dates fall within their visa dates and these arrangements are made in advance.
Interviewing and screening of applicants begins in the fall. We can provide you with applications to review as soon as we find applicants that match your needs.
Our terms are flexible and match the needs of the individual client and the season of the year. Any deposit is fully refundable if we are not able to provide you with staff that meets your needs. The balance is due by May 31.
Yes. ACAWE will work with you to make all arrangements for candidates you have pre-selected.
Once you hire an applicant you can start talking about how they should get to camps, such as what major airport and will you be able to pick them up at a location. You are responsible for transportation costs from the arrival city to your camp. It is also expected that when the applicant completes their contract, you will provide transportation for them back to a nearby large city so they can make travel arrangements home. Contact us for more information.
NONE! ACAWE will handle all of the paperwork for you. We take care of the J-1 visa process from start to finish. What we will need is proof you are a legal business in your state as well as proof of your workers compensation insurance.
Payment is made by camp to the staff member at the conclusion of their contract.
Participants in the Exchange Visitor Program are not subject to Social Security, Medicare or FICA taxes. You are however, responsible for Worker’s Compensation Insurance.
We do background checks on all of the staff we provide for you. If you request us to provide arrangements for someone you have chosen on your own, we can complete a background check at an extra fee.
Visa and SEVIS fees are paid by the applicant. In most cases, the refund of these costs is included in the stipend of the candidate.
Program staff applicants do not have to be students. Support staff must be enrolled in a post-secondary institution.
ACAWE are determined to make your partnership with us a positive experience. If you have a staff member who does not work out during orientation or the first few days of camp, we will do our utmost to replace them for you. You will not be charged for the unsuccessful staff member’s time at your camp during orientation or the first three days of camp if they need to be replaced.
We will provide you with two references in English, for each candidate.
Our Staff Members are available 24/7 during the camp season. We will also be out to visit you and our placements at your camp to help make sure all is running smoothly for everyone concerned.
We believe we offer a number of value added services. They include:

• We work as your partner, not just your order taker.
• Placements are made by our Senior Executive Staff. They are not on commission.
• Most of us have been camp directors and have been in your shoes. We know the concerns you have in the hiring process and strive to provide you with the right candidates for the positions you have available.
• Our screening process is extremely thorough.
• We have simplified the payment process so there is no confusion or extra charges.

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