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You need staff for your camp? ACAWE can assist you with finding the staff that you need to fill those hard to find counselor skills. We also have great support stafInternational staff also add a little excitement as everyone loves hearing different accents while at camp and the make the international day at camp great! International staff add excitement to camp and make it a truly global experience.

ACAWE has applicants from countries that other sponsors don’t work with. It’s what makes ACAWE stand out from all of our competition and why you should at least take a look at who we offer. We have applicants from Jamaica, Israel and Mexico to mention just a few and it all adds to the international experience of camp something we all love so so much. We train our camp counsellors to a very high standard so that they understand camp from the outset meaning that you save time on informing them about what it is all about. Motivated and enthusiastic, we can’t wait to show you why!

We require our applicants to provide us with two written references, a criminal background check and a medical form. They are also interviewed by ACAWE or our representatives, fill out the application and we also ask that they do a video of themselves so you can get an idea about their personality and skills.

Skilled counselors
Motivated counselors
24/7 Support from our office
Completed application
Criminal back ground check of each staff person from ACAWE
Medical information for each staff person from ACAWE
We aim to keep our fees as low as possible for both you and our participants. Our fees range from $375.00 up to $925.00, please see our pricing sheet.
To learn more about the Camp Counselor J1 visa please refer to the US State Department.

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