Recruitment Process

Each step explained:

  • Applying to be a program employer – Click on this link to register and a representative from our company will contact you.
  • Vetting process – As required by the State department we vet our employer as well as our participants. The vetting process will require you to send us your company’s business license and worker’s comp policy. We will contact you after the process is done and will confirm if we are good to go.
  • Hiring needs – We will process the list of applicants you would like to hire or find you staff that suits your business’s needs.
  • Job offer – a job offer must be filled to each participant explaining the participant’s employment terms and conditions. This document will serve as a contract between the employer and the participant.
  • Visa process – the applicants you have chosen to hire will be sent the needed documentation to apply for a J-1 visa in their home country.
  • Arriving in the US – the participants you have hired and that have received their visas will be arriving in the US according to the program dates we have set, they will be greeted by you or a representative from your company.
  • Visa validation – in order for us to activate the participant’s visa we will need a report from the employer confirmation that the participant has arrived in the US. A participant who has not validated their visa and their visa has not been active is not allowed to begin working.
  • Obtaining a Social Security Number – the employer will be assisting the participant apply for a SSN in order to be paid their stipend in a lawful way.
  • Monitoring – we will be checking in with the employer and the participants every 30 days to insure the wellbeing of the participant and assist with any matter that may arise.
  • Cultural activities – The J-1 SWT visa program was initiated by the department of state to encourage young people from all over the world to come and experience the US culture while working and traveling. It is the expected that the employer will provide the participant with cultural experiences whether through activities or free time to explore the US.