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Support staff are the life blood and back bone of any successful camp. Let’s face it their work is really important, but it usually goes unrecognized by most of us, so getting it right is vital Your support staff make your campers experience memorable without being seen and this is where we can help!

The Support Staff we have are highly motivated, plus we have access to amazing culinary students to help your chef turn out great food that all your campers will love to eat.

Our applicants provide us with two written references, a criminal background check and a medical form. They are also interviewed by ACAWE or our representatives, and in most cases have a 1-2 minute video so you can get an idea about their personality and skills. Vital in order to see if they will fit in with your camps culture.

Motivated students to help run the support side of camp
Access to culinary students
24/7 Support from our office
Completed application
Criminal back ground check of each staff person from ACAWE
Medical information for each staff person from ACAWE

We aim to keep our fees as low as possible for both you and our participants. Our fees range from $375.00 up to $925.00, please see our pricing sheet.

To learn more about the Camp Counselor J1 visa please refer to the US State Department.

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