There is very little difference between the not for profit camps and the for profit/private camps. Various agencies and community groups seek to provide the less advantaged members of a community with a summer experience that is the same as that in any other private camp. The facilities and programs resemble one another. Charitable Giving is the source of the funding required to run a quality program with a professional camp. So a Private Camp might charge a fee of $5,000 for a session that is paid by the family of the camper. The Not for Profit Camp may charge a fee of from 0 to $3,000 depending on the circumstances of the youngsters. Some not for profit camps are actually free for all. Donors may subsidize the full cost of camp from operations and program to capital investment. In some cases, one finds that the children of a previous camper might attend a specific camp even though the parents do not need the scholarship funds. But because they themselves had such a positive experience, this camp is their family camp. That is not an unusual occurrence and demonstrates the quality of the not for profit camp.

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