Private Camps

There are a few thousand private overnight camps that operate on a full season or session basis. They range in size from 150 campers to 600 campers. Campers are usually from middle to high income families. Private camps pride themselves on their facilities with the newest equipment, housing accommodations, and food service and trip programs.

Their programs may consist of full waterfront activities from swimming and boating to water skiing and river trips. They also have extensive programs, such as mountain biking, ropes courses, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, tennis courts basketball courts and some have horseback riding. There are extensive programs in the arts from general crafts to woodworking, glass making pottery, painting and ceramics. There are drama programs and both instrumental and vocal music programs, classical dance and the dance movements of today.

A growing program area is technology including programing, rotatory, media and gaming. Some of these camps have semiprofessional coaches and private lessons in golf and tennis. The day is filled with activities and the evenings have a wide range of programs within the camp environment.

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