Welcome to the USA!

Top Places To Visit

The United States is the third largest nation in the world with over 300 million residents. The US has loads of things to do, see and many opportunities to learn more about America.

On the East Coast of the United States one finds the Cities of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Moving tithe Southeast one can experience the excitement of Florida with its year around leisure activities. Of Course in the far west are the incredibly beautiful and different cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle.

You want to choose what to see? There is just so much. But think about the Great Museums of Washington and the seat of Government of the US. Consider Disney Work in Florida. How about the grand parks around the Rockies? The desert scenes outside of Las Vegas, the great rivers like the Mississippi and the grand forests of Yosemite! Make sure to visit a sports event.

Remember that every city, small or large in the United States celebrates the full culture of the United States in a very diverse and meaningful way.