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Are you ready for the best summer of your life! You will have the opportunity to work with American children along with other staff from the USA as well as other countries, making sure that they have a fun and safe summer. You will make new friends from all over the world; friends that will be there forever! Learn all about the American culture at camp and during your travels afterward.


Types of Positions

When you work at a summer camp in the USA you will have a specific job, but you will also be expected to jump in and help out where it is needed. Think flexibility when you think about a camp. Job areas include, waterfront, sports, kitchen, ropes, office, arts and crafts, housekeeping, performing arts, and outdoor living to mention a few.


Typical Day at Camp

The majority of camps operate on a similar schedule with specific times allotted for meals, activities and cabin time. During rest hour some camps allow campers to visit with each other or play friendly games while others prefer campers and staff to rest or write letters home. As a staff person you will be expected to supervise your campers at all times even during rest hour. You will also be expected to eat with and supervise your campers during meal times. Manners count at all camps. Campers will follow your lead so remember to set a good example.


Types of Summer Camps

There are so many different types of camps to work at in the USA. You can work at a traditional camp or a family camp, no big differences in the activities but you will have the whole family there to work with. Or you could work at a special needs camp and assist campers of all ages have a great summer. We also work with sports camps, religious camps and day camps that are all unique in their own way!


The Process

The process to get a job through ACAWE is easy and fast. You will need to register on our site and go through the application process which includes filling out the application, and being interviewed by ACAWE or one of our overseas representatives. After you are interviewed and your application is approved we will start to show your application around to employers to see who is going to offer you a job. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected].


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