Participant FAQ’s

American Camp and Work Experience is a division of Core Consulting Solutions, llc, and is a designated sponsor of the U.S. State Department’s Summer Work Travel Program as well as the Camp Counselor Program.
In the Summer Camp Program you will be working for a summer camp, either in a Program or Support position. You will be provided with full room and board for the duration of the camp and will be paid a stipend at the end of the summer. In the Work and Travel Program, you will be working at one of various locations, usually in resort areas, paid hourly and in most cases will need to pay for your own housing and food. The Summer Camp season is usually only nine weeks whereas on the SWT program you will probably be contracted for a minimum of 12 weeks.
Work and Travel program allows participants to work during their summer vacation. The maximum length of the program is 4 months. Summer Camps generally run from early June to the middle of August.
To participate in the Work Travel Program (including Support Staff at a summer camp), applicants must be enrolled in a post-secondary school program and be at least 18 years old. To participate as Program Staff at a summer camp, applicants must be at least 19 years old and have significant experience in the field they wish to lead at camp. To learn more please click on either Camp Counselor or Summer Work and Travel.
The amount of pay you receive will vary based on your age, experience, certifications and whether or not room and board are provided for you by the employer.
A list of available Student Work and Travel positions is available here. A list of Summer Camp positions is available here.
Some jobs will provide you with room and board. If not, the employer will help you find suitable housing. Summer Camps provide full room and board for the duration of the camp.
You may request an area of the country where you would prefer to work. ACAWE cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your request but we will do our best to find an employer in the area you prefer. You may also request to work in the same location as your friends but ACAWE cannot guarantee that we can place you all together. We will do our best to meet your request.
The amount of free time varies with the position and employer needs. You will be given the same amount of free time as given to other staff members in like positions.
Summer camps run for seven to eight weeks but may also run pre- and/or post-camp events. In addition, staff orientation runs from 5 – 10 days before the campers arrive. Sometimes there are a few days in between the sessions. Camps may also require help in setting up camp before the rest of the staff and campers arrive and close camp once the campers leave.

Sometimes camps may ask you to arrive earlier in order to assist in the preparation for the summer or to go through a training that is relevant to your position. In other cases, camp runs programs or entertains groups after camp is over. For some positions, camp requires that staff be willing to come early and leave late. In these cases camp will pay you directly for time beyond your agreement.

Some camps are run and directed by private individuals. Some camps are run by agencies, such as the YMCA, JCC or Girl Scouts. It is important to understand that the camps are not owned by ACAWE and are run by Americans.
Yes you can but only as a camp counsellor at another Summer Camp. There is also a limit to how long you can work at the camp. The date is usually in early September, please contact ACAWE for the exact date. Your J1 visa only allows you to participate in the Cultural Exchange Program at a specific camp only. After your visa/program ends, you will be able to continue traveling in the USA for an additional 30 days.
ACAWE will help you with all of the required paper work (Application Forms, Visa forms etc.) as well as walk you through the entire process.
If needed, ACAWE can assist you with your travel arrangements.
For SWT participants and Support Staff at a summer camp, you will need certification from your school that you are a full time student. Naturally you will need to apply for the appropriate visa. You may also require certification depending on the specific job you are applying for. To learn more please check out this site.
You are required to attend an Orientation Program in your home country before you leave for the USA. Orientation programs provide information on understanding American Culture, do’s and don’ts, preparing for your specific job as well as logistics.
ACAWE provides you with Basic Health and Accident insurance for the length of your program. Your employer will provide you with compulsory Worker’s Compensation Insurance.
ACAWE will do all we can to match your skills and interests with the right employer. In the event you don’t feel comfortable with your placement, you may decline to work at the employer we recommended.
Yes. You can find a position on your own. ACAWE can help you with all required logistical arrangements. Contact us for more information on this option.
Naturally we recommend that you first try to resolve the problem directly with your supervisor. However, should you need us, ACAWE staff are available at all times.
Yes, pursuant to the conditions of your visa. There is a thirty-day grace period for you to travel if your visa and school dates permit.
First stage is to fill out the Registration Form. An ACAWE Representative will then contact you. Once you have been accepted into the program we will you find you a suitable position and apply for your visa.

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