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Do you want to go to Camp, but feel you can’t be a Counselor?

If so then come to camp while filling one of the many just as important Support Staff roles.

These behind the scenes roles include:

  • Office Staff
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Cleaning Staff
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Laundry Staff

Most people do not recognize the importance these positions are to Camp as great staff here helps to ensure that the campers have a great time and go back to camp the following year. What it mean for you is:

  • No direct responsibility for the Campers care
  • More time off as you won’t have night duty
  • Sleeping in separate bunks not near the Campers or Counselors
  • Get to use the Camp facilities

You will be part of the team that is taking care of the Campers, Camp and staff from behind the scenes. It will be your job to make sure everyone gets three meals a day, have safe facilities to use, answer the phones, distribute the all-important mail, or making sure that everyone has clean clothes to put on! You can also take part in the camp activies as your schedule allows.

To be eligible you have to be at least 18 years old and you have to be a full time student in a classroom based post-secondary educational institution. If you do not meet this then you will not be able to be a support staff person.

To be considered as Support Staff, you have to be a student. This will vary on a person to person basis depending on when you finish your studies, so get in touch with us first before filling out our application. From example, you have to be enrolled full time in a Post-Secondary University classroom based program of study. If you are not in a program such as this then please do not apply.

• Assistance completing the ACAWE application process
• Your DS 2019
• Health Insurance
• 24/7 support while in the USA
• Assistance with preparation for your visa appointment
• Please contact your local ACAWE recruiter
• If you are not using an ACAWE recruiter please contact us directly at [email protected]
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