Types of Positions

When you work at a summer camp in the USA you will have a specific job, but you will also be expected to jump in and help out where it is needed. Think flexibility when you think about a camp. Job areas include, waterfront, sports, kitchen, ropes, office, arts and crafts, housekeeping, performing arts, and outdoor living to mention a few.

Camp Counselor

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Looking to Work with Children?

When you work as a camp counselor at a camp you will be challenged and pushed to your limits but the rewards are just awesome! You will be working directly with the children ensuring their safety while making sure that they have the best summer ever! You will be like Mom and Dad to the campers all rolled into one!

Support Staff

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Looking to Work Behind the Scenes?

Sometimes people forget who makes the camp go and it is the people that work in the support roles. Though not working directly with the campers you are the person that makes sure everything goes. You keep people feed, you fix broken stuff, you clean the camp. It is hard work but also lots of fun.


  • Must be 18 years old before you enter the USA for your job.
  • If working as a support staff person you must be a full time post-secondary student.
  • Must be open to trying new experiences and learning new things.
  • Be ready for the adventure of you life.

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We love what we do and are fully dedicated to offering only the most amazing opportunities.

“Camps Baco and Che-Na-Wah are proud of their long standing relationship with ACAWE. We trust their insight, level of maturity, and experience, and look forward to many more years of team building together.”
Barbara Wortman, Owner and Director Camps Baco and Chen-a-Wah
“ACAWE’s new direction with Gary Bauer and Gail Leopold on board is positive for international staff recruiting. Their combined years of experience are assets for ACAWE and camps they serve.”
Susan Siegel, Director, Staff Recruiting, Cohen Camps
“Over in the past years we have hired many staff from ACAWE who have been superb members of our community. We are greatly looking forward to working with them again for this upcoming camp season.”
Mickey Morris, Buck's Rock Performing and Creative Arts Camp

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