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Typical Day at Camp

The majority of camps operate on a similar schedule with specific times allotted for meals, activities and cabin time. During rest hour some camps allow campers to visit with each other or play friendly games while others prefer campers and staff to rest or write letters home. As a staff person you will be expected to supervise your campers at all times even during rest hour. You will also be expected to eat with and supervise your campers during meal times. Manners count at all camps. Campers will follow your lead so remember to set a good example.

Do you have a particular skill, do you have experience coaching or teaching a particular activity? All camps are actively looking for you! All of our camps are located throughout the United States which allows us the greatest opportunity to find the right place for you. You do have a say in the final decision but remember that the more flexible you are the greater your chance of placement. All of our camps are either accredited by the American Camp Association or a similar organization.

Camp is hard work but very rewarding and fun. It can be challenging at times and you will have to deal with homesickness and personal problems as well as teaching and taking responsibility for your cabin. Camps do have an established routine and staff that is always available to help you in every situation. You will be the parent, the friend, the advisor, and the teacher to each camper but the personal rewards for you will be amazing.

7:30                                                           There’s that Bugle call – rise and shine!
8:00                                                           Flagpole for announcements
8:15                                                            Breakfast
9:30                                                           Cabin clean-up
10:00                                                         1st activity
11:15                                                           2nd activity
12:30                                                          Lunch
13:00                                                          Rest Hour
14:00                                                          3rd activity
15:00                                                          4th activity
16:00                                                          5th activity
17:00                                                          Cabin
18:00                                                          Dinner
19:00                                                          Evening activities
21-22:00                                                    Lights out

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